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August 23, 2019

Newton's Earth Science Projects

A recent survey conducted by the PEW Research Center asked Americans what they thought NASA's top priorities should be. Monitoring key parts of Earth's climate systems had the highest percentage of 64% saying it should be the top priority.  Climate change and water pollution have been major reccurring topics that have been taking over news headlines.

At Newton, we have helped NASA developed many earth-based projects. For example, Snow Water Equivalent SAR and Radiometer (SWESARR), is a snow measurement system that provides us with more knowledge about how much water is stored in Earth's terrestrial snow covered regions. We also have developed our newest application, GSE Application for Tilt or Rotation (GAToR) for NASA's new oceanic measurement instrument, Ocean Color Instrument (OCI) to understand the complex systems that drive ocean ecology. GAToR is a GSE application that tilts and rotates in order to support PACE's spacecraft optical spectrometer.

SWESARR took its maiden flight on Saturday, Decemeber 1, 2018. PACE has a launch readiness date of 2022