NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Engineering Services, Design, Modeling, and Fabrication of a physical, full-scale 3D interactive model.


In collaboration with NASA GSFC, Newton delivered an accurate, full-scale interactive model of the Roman Space Telescope (RST) to provide an immersive experience for numerous VIP delegations of congressional representatives, government budget authorities, and international dignitaries. It has been widely complimented for its compelling depiction of the technical engineering and scientific innovations the RST.


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST, formerly WFIRST) program leadership requested an immersive, interactive, and accurate full-scale model to help demonstrate the innovations of WFIRST to VIP visitors and achieve program funding goals. 

The RST will measure light from a billion galaxies over the course of its mission lifetime, broadening our understanding of dark energy, exoplanets, and infrared astrophysics. It will provide a field of view of the sky that is 100 times larger than the images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope.


To achieve the sense of interacting with the actual flight version spacecraft, Newton:

• Fabricated, and assembled a full-scale, 30ft tall, interactive mock-up of the WFIRST Telescope, Wide Field Instrument, and Outer Barrel Assembly;

• Designed the spacecraft to open via sliding rails on a custom 18ft x 14ft wide dolly which allows visitors a unique perspective of the propulsion tanks and high-gain antenna (HGA) embedded inside the spacecraft;

• Created an interactive interior in which the instruments can be stacked and removed to help visitors understand the volume of work and technological feats required for the project's success;

• Met all NASA GSFC safety standards for the design and fabrication of Ground Support Equipment.