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We collaborated with our government customer to provide timely technical solutions that met budget, schedule, and quality requirements for critical JWST hardware.

An accurate, full-scale interactive model of RST (formerly WFIRST) to provide an immersive experience for numerous VIP delegations of congressional representatives, government budget authorities, and international dignitaries.

Newton designed and delivered a highly functional adjustable lift sling for JWST with a custom-designed shipping container within a time-sensitive frame for thermal vacuum testing.

In collaboration with GSFC and Cornell University, Newton provided engineering support services to assist in a concept design and proposal that resulted in CAESAR’s selection as one of two NASA New Frontiers finalists.

With an optimized budget, Newton built a functional model of BAM. This model demonstrated the mechanism's design maturity and capabilities to achieve necessary resources for remaining development.

In collaboration with GSFC, Newton provided end-to-end product development of a new aircraft instrument structure and stabilization platform for the Snow Water Equivalent SAR and Radiometer (SWESARR) mission...

IIn collaboration with GSFC, Newton developed the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Application for Tilt or Rotation (GAToR), a high precision pointing mechanism used in the testing and calibration of the Ocean Color Instrument (OCI)...

In collaboration with GSFC, Newton provided end-to-end product development of a robust opto-mechanical solution for MARLI’s edge filter and diffractive optical element (EF-DOE) that demonstrated its capabilities...

In collaboration with GSFC, Newton provided full product development services to repackage LEISA in a new, thermally-stable cryogenic detector subsystem for robust performance and expanded capabilities in the Lucy mission.

In collaboration with GSFC, Newton provided complete product development support for HIRMES’ cryostat and optical bench mechanisms to demonstrate its capabilities and mature technology from SOFIA...

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