July, 2019

Interview with a Newton Intern

Interview with a Newton Intern

Kyle Reed is a rising senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering. For the past few summers, Kyle has interned at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center working on robotic designs, testing rotational stands, and has designed multiple adapter plates. Kyle has built up a lot of experience in satellite servicing, 3D modeling, system design and optimization. Interning for Newton this summer was a clear-cut choice for Kyle to further develop his engineering skills. We sat down with Kyle to ask about how his first time interning for Newton went.

What new skills did you learn this summer? And how can those skills help you in your educational studies?
"This summer, I've had the incredible opportunity to work alongside the engineers at Newton and further my industry knowledge. I've spent the majority of this summer doing design work in Solidworks, learning to design for manufacturing and incorporating cost and material constraints. In addition, I've learned how to operate a CNC machine, how to deliver a technical presentation to clients, and to coordinate projects with other engineers. These skills will directly translate to my academics at Georgia Tech as I go into my final year, and give me good career perspective as I look beyond.”

What was the most challenging / most fun project you've worked on while interning at Newton LLC?
"The biggest challenge for me this summer has been learning industry processes and how they affect design decisions. As I continue to learn about how parts are machined and components assembled, I'm able modify my parts and assemblies so that at the real-world assembly stage, potential conflicts have been avoided.”

What are your biggest career goals? How did this internship lead you closer to your goals?
“My biggest career goal is to love what I do. As I learn more and more about the aerospace industry, I've gained a better understanding of the kind of work I can be doing in the future, and how I can find what’s right for me. Working at Newton has given me invaluable experience in both learning from those who have chosen paths similar to mine, and getting hands on experience with many different aspects of aerospace engineering. I can’t thank the amazing team here enough for everything!”